This is a portion of a maternity shoot from a bit ago. Now Karly had mentioned to me that in addition to the traditional photos with her husband, Josh,  she wanted to do some swimsuit photos showing off her (almost full term) baby bump. I was curious to see how these would turn out, as I had never mixed maternity and swimsuit, but between her sun hat, red nail polish, and adorable seafoam bikini, these turned out to be some of my favorite photographs of the day.




Shannon & Shane

This is a photoshoot that is very close to my heart, seeing as this is my very own sister and brother-in-law. Actually, I would by lying if I said that we only did ONE session. I have literally hundreds of photos I was torn between posting here.  I feel as if the past few months have been dedicated to planning and executing photoshoots, baby shower details, and nursery preparations. In all honesty, it is so worth it.

Oh, and did I mention there are 3 babies in there?